• Uluslararası deniz ticaretinde gemi kiralama ve filo yönetim şirketleri için büyük maliyetlere neden olan deniz yakıtlarının müşteriler için büyük kayıplara neden olmasını engellemek üzere alanında uzman sörveyörlerle on / off hire, yakıt alım surveyi ve isteğe bağlı sığınak tespiti titizlikle yapılmaktadır.


    Our Detective Survey addresses both, physical loss of bunkers and fuel consumption optimization.
    • Find undeclared hidden bunkers, identify tampering of sounding pipes, magic pipes, & concearled spaces.
    • Fuel efficiency analysis and optimization of vessel performance and efficiency.
    • Implementing programs that increase ship’s fuel efficiency and optimise vessel performance have become increasingly popular. Bunker fuel being the biggest part of their expense, shipping companies are investing large sums in systems that promise increased voyage returns.
    • From our analysis of data gathered over last years, we have seen that while increasing fuel efficiency is vital, its impact on the overall voyage return can be rather small unless efficient methods of curbing loss of fuel that is not actually consumed in the engines are implemented.


    Bunkers are typically the largest contributor to the operational cost of a ship, with the physical transfer of fuel taking place thousands of miles away from the contracting offices. As neither the buyer nor the seller is present to witness the bunker quantity transfer and sampling procedures onboard, any post- delivery investigation on quantity shortage or sampling dispute is usually futile and inconclusive. Physical shortage, protest, demurrage, legal fees, management time and loss of good will inconvenience and stress all parties involved and add to the overall costs.